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We at DrinkHard Racing (DHR) have been in the racing industry for many years. DHR was officially founded in 2010 by four brothers of the Delgado clan who are committed to increased performance and racing hard. Whether it's race hard or doing things the hard way, we do it harder! When performance is peaked, as with every elite athlete, you must hydrate efficiently and hydrate hard. We like to call it DrinkHard! We have been creating great memories with stories that can stand the test of time. By pushing boundaries, testing limits and hydrating hard we are able to increase our performance to a level that allows us to occasionally be measured on the Richter scale. 

We absolutely DO NOT advocate drinking and driving in any way! We simply love to race hard and enjoying ourselves after. DHR is a supporter of and donates a portion of all merchandise sales to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

We thank you for your continued support, by wearing of and/or purchasing of any DHR gear.



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