DrinkHard Went Down to Georgia.jpgBy Jim Parks aka “Parks and Wrecked”In the ever-growing world of Outlaw Drag Racing, the biggest event of the year happens every February in Adel Georgia. It doesn’t happen at one of the palatial stadium like venues commonly seen on TV, it goes down at South Georgia Motorsports Park. This year’s event was the ninth edition of the fabled “Lights Out” saga promoted by the now world-renowned Duck X Productions.

DrinkHard Racing was strongly represented by Alex “The Calypso Kid” Hays and his 1992 Ford Mustang and its naturally aspirated big-block Chevrolet engine. Alex and his father Pat are front runners in the Ultra Street category and currently hold the world record of 4.691 which was set at the 2017 Yellow Bullet Nationals. In the recent off-season, Alex and Pat decided to make the switch from using a traditional carburetor to running Holley EFI. Being from Michigan, the Hays team didn’t have a chance to head to their local track to make a few test hits prior to the event, heck you could see snow blowing into the shop while the car was on the dyno just a few days before their departure to Georgia.

To make up for the lack of testing the car, Team Hays decided to “double-class” the car, entering in their normal Ultra Street class and also entering into the insane Radial vs The World class. During the Thursday night session of Radial vs the World qualifying, Alex drove through an amazing “highlight reel” wheel-stand while posting a 4.85 elapsed time and landing in the 13th spot in a class where he’s easily at a 2000 horsepower deficit. Ultimately Alex wound up not qualifying in the “RvW” class, but needless to say he caught the eye of his competitors.

In his “normal” class of Ultra Street, Alex led the pack in going into race day with an astounding 4.693, just .002 off of his world record ET while making a huge combination change in the off-season. The new Holley EFI combination helped contribute to a new 60’ ET record of 1.063 seconds. With the number 1 qualifying position, Team Hays earned an uncontested bye run in the first round of eliminations. Alex made a stout pass with a 4.71 elapsed time in the first round, but an unfortunate parts breakage ended their weekend prematurely.

Team Hays had a great weekend and were thrilled with the “out of the box” performance of the new Holley EFI system. Alex tips his hat to PSI Springs, Slick Rick Racing Heads, Holley EFI and DrinkHard Racing for their support. Now it’s time for Team Hays to repair the damage and get back on the track. Keep an eye out for future updates here and check them out on social media as well. Alex can be found on Instagram at @official_hays_racing and on Facebook at Hays Consulting LLC.


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